Are You A Role Model?

What is a role model? A role model is a person who inspires you and who you deem to be a basketball-652449_1280good example in terms of how they have chosen to live their life. Role models can be members of your family, friends, TV or sports personalities and come from any walk of life. Their story impacts you…
As I go through my list of role models (Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Ali Brown, Chris Howard, my mum, my dad and siblings to name but a few) I see a need for society to develop more female role models and, more importantly, raise up the ones we already have! Why? Because the young girls and women following behind, those looking for someone’s shoulders to stand on, need to see there is a space to shine for anyone willing to ‘walk the talk’ regardless of gender, age or background.
There are everyday women doing extraordinary things but who is acknowledging them? Where are their stories in the daily news? Sadly their platform is often lost to daily politics and bad news.
Positive female role models can inspire other women, their children and their communities. They can make the impossible seem possible and lead others to take leaps of faith. A child watches you pull through life’s adversities to achieve your dream…  Friends and family see you set a goal and nail it… Might these things inspire them to search out and live their dream? Perhaps… It will at the very least open the mind’s door.
A few questions to ask yourself:

How can you influence others lives?
How can you be a positive role model?
Who are your role models?

Live Blissfully,


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