I Want To But….

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‘But’ just gets in the way! Ain’t that the truth?
How many times have you decided to do something differently, better, bigger and then little ole BUT comes along and stamps on your ideas and dreams as if they were undesirable creepy crawlies, leaving nothing but a heap of broken goals behind? Sound familiar? Know the feeling?
The reality, of course, is that the dreams were and are yours – you had them for a reason – but you allowed FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real), lack of support and old habits to cut them off at the knees… yes, YOU!
It’s painful to have to take responsibility for all the trials and tribulations of life; it can be challenging and even lonely… BUT (and this is a good but!) if you imagined that the issues were there to teach you lessons, that the unsupportive people were there to strengthen your resolve (not weaken it), that every old habit was there to be broken or tweaked, wouldn’t you have a greater desire to press forward?
You see it’s not the issues that stop us from moving forward, from achieving our goals and dreams; it is how we choose to view them. We can either look at every challenge as a road block, a sign that says ‘wrong way’, ‘wrong dream’, ‘not you’ or we can read it as ‘right way but need more information’, right dream but more work to do to bring it to life’, ‘yes you but you need to believe it first’… These are the choices we are in control of.
And yes, there may well be some dreams that are not for you in the end but you’ll know that when the desire wanes and the end goal just doesn’t provide the strength to carry on. You’ll know that when you have taken the time to find out who you are and what makes you tick.
BUT don’t give up at the first hurdle; don’t look for places, people and situations to blame. Take responsibility, dare to dream bigger and believe that you have what it takes, no matter the time it takes.
This is your life, after all, given to you for you to create… Create well and richly because you deserve nothing less.
Live Blissfully,


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