What Choices Are You Making?

If it is true that a positive, happy disposition can increase the length of our lives, why aren’t wearrow-945268_1280 embracing that attitude all the time?
It is a fact that we are the owners of our feelings, our behaviours and our words. We choose in every moment how we are going to respond to situations and interactions with people… yes, we are responsible for ‘shouting & screaming’ for ‘name calling’ and ‘loss of temper’. Unfortunately, the preference seems to be to externalise the responsibility and blame others,  the day or the environment for the way we feel.
We know that some days are just smoother than others, that is a fact, and we should enjoy those all the more knowing that there will be challenging days to come! But when the days of challenges do arrive, what choices are we making?
  • Sticking our head in the sand?
  • Fretting and not telling anyone?
  • Taking our frustration out on someone else?
  • Telling ourselves life is over?
  • Asking what’s the point?
Or are we getting solution focused?
The choices we make in the most difficult of situations are the ones we tend to learn the biggest lessons from. And in taking responsibility for our feelings and reactions we become more adept at being solution focused as well as remaining in the positive… even though the circumstances may be emotionally challenging.
I certainly believe that facing each day in a positive state of mind helps me deal with the twists and turns that come my way. It helps me to focus on what action I need to take to resolve the issue or look at how I can resolve the issue instead of thinking ‘I can’t cope’ or ‘It’s not fair’… or worse still ‘it’s someone else’s fault’.
What’s your take? What choices do you make? Are you choosing to live in the positive…?
Live Blissfully,

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