Dealing with Adversity

I read a great Ebook last week discussing the topic of adversity. It came at a perfect moment as soldier-917956_1280one of my client’s was dealing with some very adverse conditions and the main points it covered were spot on.
Adversity has a way of freezing people into inaction and yet it is the very opposite of what is required. Here are some of the main points I took away as tips for getting through adversity:
  • Avoid visualising the worse scenario. Far too often people get caught up in the worst outcomes and that, of course, deflates confidence and self-belief.
  • Deal with the true threats. In adversity, there are certain things that are fact; a pile of bills unpaid, a handful of unhappy clients, etc. These should not be ignored (head in the sand), you need to look for ways to correct them, manage them & deal with them. Leading to point 3…
  • Become solution focused. Start looking for ways to rectify the situation instead of dwelling on what has gone wrong. To resist a thought is to think about the very thing you are resisting!
  • Avoid analysis paralysis – Thought without action = worry!
  • Avoid letting adversity creep into all areas of your life. Look after your well-being, you’ll need your physical, mental and emotional strength to press forward and you’ll need the people you can count on to be supportive (so don’t keep them at arm’s length).
  • Don’t quit! When the going gets tough, get tougher! Quitting is not an option. Every time you think about quitting think ‘This might be the corner I need to get around for everything to fall into place, it might be the last hurdle in a series of them to get over’. And wouldn’t you just hate to find out that if you had pressed on just one more time you would have got the results you wanted?
And throughout this process remain confident. Big smile from the heart, stand tall, move with purpose and own your space! Believe in you, your skills & your abilities. Be an action taker and get the help you need to get to where you want to. Adversity, like most things, will pass…
Live Blissfully,

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