One Step At A Time…

I’m gearing myself up for a summer of fitness! There is nothing I enjoy more than a morning action-1837158_1280run through the countryside to get my brain into gear. And this morning was no exception.
I had set my target of 4 miles, knowing where that would take me to and roughly how long it would take. I plugged in my headset, found my favourite tune list and got into stride. There I was jogging along, one minute taking in my surroundings and the next looking down at the ground. I was watching how one foot after the other made an impact before leaving the ground to go airborne only to strike it again a moment later. It got me thinking…
Isn’t this like the goals you set yourself? You know the desired outcome, the vision you have created and you get yourself prepared for the journey -the kit and resources. Then finally you get into action, completing one task at a time to get you to the vision.
And I think that is the key to achieving your goals; the one step at a time rule. So often you get caught up in trying to do everything at once until you have totally exhausted yourself or totally lost sight of where you were going. Watching that one step that you are currently taking helps you to stay in the ‘now’, focused on what you are doing and achieving in the moment.
What’s the bonus of being in the ‘now’? You get to appreciate the one thing you have done, you can express gratitude for having the resources to do it and you can confirm your ability to get you to where you ultimately want to go.
So worry less about the size of the step and focus more on taking one step at a time… it will get you to where you want to go.
Live Blissfully


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