Making The Best Use of Your Time

Are you making the best use of your time? Or do you feel as if there are never enough hours in the day? forbes-924140_1280
As a long distance commuter (when I have to travel to clients) I often spend time pre-travel deciding how I am going to utilise my train journey. If I know that I have at least one hour each way I know that I can do plenty! I’ll always pack a book or my copy of Success Magazine (probably the best magazine on the planet!), my laptop so that I can access documents if needs be, and a list of any tasks that I have been wanting to do but that haven’t been important enough to make it onto the daily ‘must do’ list.
With no distractions, it is amazing just how much I can accomplish in that time. Where I once would wonder how I was going to get everything done that I wanted to, I would realise that I was on top of everything. This has now become a habitual way of travelling although I do allow time to just admire the scenery… Love Mother Nature!
So what about you? Where are you ‘losing out’ on time? Are you spending more time in front of the TV in the evening than you really need or want to? (Seriously, it is amazing how your intention to just watch TV for an hour can suddenly become 3 or 4) Are you spending endless hours on the phone ‘gossiping’? Maybe you get up at 8 a.m. but could if you were willing to make the most of your time, get up at 7 a.m… that alone would give you 5 more hours per working week to do the things that would help move you forward.
And the time gained might not be for work, it might be for getting fit, writing ‘that’ book, spending some ‘communication time’ with the ones you love… just about anything.
If you really are keen on seeing how you spend your time you might want to visit Rescue Time. But beware… it may well reveal some time sucking habits you didn’t want to acknowledge!
On the other hand, you might just realise that you could be making better use of your time…
Live Blissfully



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