It’s Good To Talk!

Amazingly technology has brought us forward to a time where we can be in contact with laptop-943558_1920people across the globe 24/7 with ease. We don’t have to go to the airport and fly; we don’t even have to call… truly a sign of the times.

Yet in the midst of all these new and innovative ways to communicate we seem to have lost (or be losing) the art of face to face conversation. We just don’t seem to talk to each other in the same room and I wonder how much of what is being said is lost because of it. Let’s face it, when you are emailing or sending texts chances are you or the recipient are also doing something else – multi-tasking, maybe, focused, NO!

Some shining examples:

You work in an office and your colleague, who sits about 10 yards away, has a message for you. Instead of walking over to you, she sends you an email and you, of course, reply – this is becoming the norm!

You’re at home and your teenage kid is upstairs playing the music rather loud. You pull out your mobile and send a text ‘please turn it down’… no exaggeration!

You are on your way home and you decide to call your friend, lover or family member. Now bearing in mind you are heading home ‘to’ that person there is still a need to clock up a 30-minute conversation on the train only to get home and have very little left to say – seen it!

So at what point do we lay aside these wonderful tools and actually interact face to face? Surely the ability to be in the present would help us communicate our messages more openly. Surely we would listen more (or at least pretend to) if we were in front of each other.

I for one love nothing more than being in good company, having a good chat, debate and healthy laughter. There is much to be gained in being with others and engaging in conversation. Just last week I had a few back to back social/business meetings and I came away invigorated… I rarely get that kind of buzz from my phone, texts or emails.

I only hope that we do not lose the will to communicate personally (or I might lose the will to live!), it would be a travesty… it really is good to talk!

Live Blissfully

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