Keep Going!

Do you know when you just want to give up, throw in the towel and call it a day? When all runner-805392_1280your efforts seem to be going no place fast or so slowly you can’t equate your efforts to the results? Keep Going!
Even though it is the most challenging of circumstances, that sense of putting in all the hours without a shift occurring, keep going. The shift is happening; you just can’t see it yet. The universe is busy doing its thing and it needs you to remain positive and in action.
Too many people let go of their dreams just before the dream is about to explode into life. Why? Because they aren’t seeing the results they expected in their time frame. The vision starts to blur and the only feeling left is that of time having been wasted.
The truth is when you commit to a goal, a dream, it is imperative that you press on in faith. The path may change, the steps you need to take may alter but if your heart is in the dream you must dig deep to keep going and see it fulfilled.
If there were no challenges, no moments of doubt, it would all be too easy. But in truth would you really learn the breadth and depth of lessons you do when you have to confront difficulties? Would you truly experience your full potential in solving issues? One of the basic human needs is to grow and the challenges you face certainly provide you with room for that!
So if you are in a place right now where things seem difficult and you doubt the possibilities, refocus on the dream; feel it, see it, taste it and live it. Bring your goal to life in colour and become a solution focused person.
And you know what? When you reach your goal, not only will you be able to celebrate the achievement, you will also realise that every step was put in place to make you the stronger more enlightened person you are…
Live Blissfully

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