Helping Others

There is something quite wonderful about helping others, a satisfaction and joy that makes bouquet-1246848_1280being here feel really worthwhile.

Today I received a beautiful email from someone I recently trained. Apart from the fact that is was complimentary to me, she went on to explain how the training had impacted her personal development as well as her professional capacity at work.

It made me think; we each have a wonderful gift to unwrap and share with others and every time we fail to do so not only are we denying our purpose but we are denying others the opportunity to learn from us.

Every life story has a meaning and lessons are there to be learnt. No matter what your life has been, good, bad or somewhere in-between, sharing your triumphs and challenges can make a difference… you just have to be brave enough to step up and be heard.

Do you know your gift? Are you sharing it with people who you meet? Do you have a story that might help someone else?

Share it here if you do… I dare you!

Have an amazingly blessed week…


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  1. Margarita Mitchem says:

    I love your gift message Yvonne! It is true that all of us have something special inside that we can share with others. When we do, we help make the world a better place. It’s good for the person on the receiving end and it’s great for the person who gives. The gift can be as simple as a kind word or offer to help. Any gesture to show you care is likely to be appreciated!

  2. YvonneB says:

    Great post, thank you Margarita… A gift can seem insignificant to the owner and yet move mountains for the recipient, like the simplicity of a smile or offering a shoulder to lean on. You have a great outlook – keep on sharing it!

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