Reasons to be Cheerful…

Are you waking up each day with reasons to be cheerful or are you far more focused on the human-495749_1280things that get you down?

Here are ten potential reasons to be cheerful:

  • Life – it is a gift – believe it! Today you have it but tomorrow may never come so immerse yourself in the opportunity of just being… here… now.
  • Family – the joy of having time with those that care for you no matter what. They are there to cheer you on when you succeed, there to comfort you when things don’t turn out quite as you had hoped.
  • Friends – the family you get to choose! They share your good times, listen in the rough times and help create moments of fun that become part of your history.
  • Work – skills developed that allow you to provide a service to others whilst earning a wage. Acknowledge your skills and abilities and what they afford you to do; travel, buy your favourite books, eat, drink, put a roof over your head, buy clothes, and the list goes on…
  • Goals – stepping-stones to where and how you want your life to be. They can motivate you, inspire you and drive you to go beyond the beliefs you have about your capabilities.
  • Achievement – they all count! From the school days egg and spoon race to the award-winning business, all of your achievements are reasons to be cheerful… you made them happen!
  • Well-Being – your body is your Ferrari (or whatever car you like)! It will look after you as long as you look after it and can provide you with streams of energy to do the things you dream of.
  • Love – of people, of mother nature and of your world. There is no other energy quite like it and when you choose to share it and give it, you make a difference.
  • Parenting – yes, your kids might drive you crazy but parenting can be a most fulfilling experience with many lessons learnt… patience just one!
  • Learning – every day you have the opportunity to learn something new or to see a situation through someone else’s lens. So every day you have the potential for personal growth.

Maybe some of these reasons to be cheerful resonate with you, maybe not. So what is it that gives you reasons to be cheerful? I’d love to know!

Live Blissfully


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay Gingerich says:

    I’m cheerful that we live on a beautiful planet with forests, tress, flora and animals of every variety. Beauty is all around us, if we only open our eyes to observe it.

  2. YvonneB says:

    Isn’t mother nature amazing? I love the greatness that we are surrounded by too Kay, your images resonate with me… Thanks for sharing!

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