Stepping Out or Shoved?

I am a lover of personal development, challenging myself to learn Learning Cubesmore, do things differently as well as build new skills. I see all of these things as confidence building bricks. However, development is a choice, my challenge to me.

The question I want to pose is do you get the same results when you decide you are stepping out of your comfort zone as you do when you are being shoved out of it?

Having recently witnessed the latter I can fully appreciate the importance of informed choice, no matter the growth opportunity.

Picture the scenario; your company sees that you have a passion in a specific area and they see the value of that passion in terms of what you could do to help others. They invite you to take up some training that will ‘prepare’ you for this role and you are excited. I mean, when your company actually notices you doing something well it is well worth celebrating; so far so good.

You arrive at the training in the belief that your company has identified the best option for you only to find that it’s light years ahead of what you expected or, more importantly, what you had been prepared for… and I mean light years. You press on in the hope that you’ll grasp everything but in the midst of it all you feel humiliated and so far outside your comfort zone you just want to curl up & hide and the confidence you had, had on arrival has been kicked into touch. Is this really what a personal development experience should be like?

Businesses need to identify the passion in their staff and I totally believe they should encourage it through training, mentoring or coaching; whichever is most appropriate. BUT, it also has a responsibility to ensure that the staff member gets the right training, in the right order at the right time. How? By gathering all the information, sharing it with the staff member and together, deciding the best route forward… This equates to an appraisal that works!

This isn’t about pointing the finger of blame but personal development is just that, personal! It is an informed choice to grow and even if it is work related the business needs to get its facts in place before launching people into territories completely foreign to them.

I am hopeful that the situation I witnessed will provide the person concerned with a realisation of just what was achieved, regardless of how uncomfortable it was (outstanding participation in the face of a huge challenge) but in personal development there is nothing more joyful than having the chance to enjoy the journey… and it is far more likely to lead to success.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is so much more fun than being shoved! What’s your take?

Live Blissfully!

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  1. Brock Saunders says:

    Your suggestion that voluntarily stepping out of your comfort zone is better than being pushed is probably right. However, I wonder how many people would actually chart a new course or really push our abilities, without an external force pushing us? In sports, this is usually the role of the coach, but many of us have informal “life coaches” that may serve the same function. On the whole, I think it is probably a good thing, regardless of the source. Self-assured, motivated people probably don’t need the external influence as much, but for the rest of us, they play an important role.

    1. YvonneB says:

      Thank you for your insight Brock. I certainly see your point that most people require encouragement to go beyond the limits they have set themselves. I guess the important thing is that any push is agreed and welcomed. If the person being pushed feels worse about themselves after attempting the task/job/goal, that can often be very detrimental to what they are willing to attempt in the future. In this scenario the push/shove was definitely not welcomed and better communication & understanding would have made a difference to the person’s end feelings.

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