Sometimes It Is Just About You

You’re a woman, you work (and yes, that includes being a housewife!), you care for your yoga-2176668_1280family & home, you take the kids to every after school activity known to mankind, try desperately to have some quality time with your family and/or friends and before you know it another week has passed by and you’ve done nothing for you. How did that happen?

Research has shown that women are unhappier today than they were 40 years ago and the sense of not having sufficient free time is one of the main reasons. And no doubt this lack of happiness also affects confidence and self-belief.

There are bound to be people out there thinking ‘You make your bed, you lie in it. If you want the career or business, the family and all the trimmings it’s the price you pay.’

I believe there is another way to ensure that ‘sometimes it is just about you’ but YOU have to be committed to following through, you need to agree to make you a priority.

  • Realise the importance of you and your NEED to take time out. I have spoken with a number of women who don’t feel they are a priority. My question is if you’re not the priority and your health and well-being go down the pan, who will look after your family then? Who will ensure the kids are where they need to be? Who will run your business and how likely is your company to hold your job open indefinitely?
  • Claim that time… just like you do for everyone else! Whether you decide on 15, 30 or 60-minute blocks per day or a day per week; book it, claim it.  Do not be distracted by other tasks or use the time to plan things you need to for others.
  • Decide how you want to utilise the time, regardless of how bite-sized it might be!

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

In 15 Minutes You Could:

  • Get a tea or coffee, grab your favourite magazine or newspaper and do nothing but enjoy the moment
  • If it’s a nice day sit out in the garden for 10 minutes. Take in your environment and be thankful for each breath that you breathe
  • Lie on your sofa, bed or floor, close your eyes and just relax. Let any thoughts float through your mind without focusing on any one of them. The more frequently you do this the easier it will be to achieve a more peaceful mind state
  • Have a quick catch up with a friend on the phone
  • Listen to your favourite song(s) – and if you’re in the mood have a dance too!

In 30 Minutes You Could:

  • Go for a walk or if you’re feeling more energetic a light jog
  • Settle down with your book – just enough time for a chapter or two
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  •  Quick manicure
  • Relax on the sofa. Just learning to stop and slow down can work wonders

In 60-90 Minutes You Could:

  • Have a power nap
  • Get a beauty treatment or two
  • Take a power walk or jog
  • Give yourself a hair treatment and style it
  • Have a long overdue catch up with a friend
  • Lunch at a local favourite

The key here is to do the things you love to do but never seem to find time for, it’s that simple. Because sometimes, it really is just about you!

And Remember: The ‘Me’ Time moments are critical to well-being. It is time to assess, relax, refresh and revitalise. Don’t wait for a moment to have ‘me’ time, book it in your diary! Whether you decide on a daily, weekly or monthly slot, make sure it happens.

Live Blissfully!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Tran says:

    I’m a firm believer that we *all* need some time to ourselves. That means away from the kids, the husband, the boss — everyone! Sometimes I just like to meditate when I am alone and try to find inner peace. Other times, I like to read a book or listen to music quietly. If I am feeling really regal, I will treat myself to a massage. The main idea is to relax and decompress. Good article!

  2. YvonneB says:

    And you deserve it Julie… Having those moments to be with your own thoughts provides time to remember who you are and to appreciate yourself… something too few do.

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