The Cycle of Life

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It’s been an interesting week of reflection, reviewing the wonderful cycle of life.

This year I have witnessed the birth of life (my beautiful god-daughter!) up close & personal and the loss of life, and it is this cycle that brought up some thought provoking questions…

  • In your lifetime how many dreams have been fulfilled?
  • How many more dreams are waiting to be?
  • How many of your dreams have faded into the background, long forgotten or no longer thought of as possible?
  • How much of yourself have you given – will you end your cycle on an empty tank having given all that you can or a full tank?
  • How will you be remembered by those who knew you well; fondly… greatly missed… forgotten?

Every day you have an opportunity to make a difference, through acts of kindness, through words of support, through confidence to face your fears and do the things you were put here to do. Inside each one of you is a gift waiting to burst forth… will it be realised in this cycle of life? Only you can decide.

Unravel your gift, your dreams and your confidence! Live your cycle of life fully, as it was intended. I intend to leave this life on empty, happy to know that I followed my dreams and achieved more because I did… will you?

Live Blissfully


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