There Is Only One You

Question: How many people are the same as you?No. 1

Answer: NONE!

You are the one off remarkable product of life that no one else can duplicate.

Think about it; your skills and emotions and your attributes have all shaped who you are and no one else has experienced them the way you have. Then consider your passions and talents; they are solely yours. Your relationships, be they with family, friends or lovers, have all played a part in creating who you are today…

Even identical twins have individual qualities, however small they may seem to someone looking in!

Why then do so many people spend time focused on being someone else as if being themselves was not enough? It’s time to appreciate who you are and realise that inside you there is a gift that is uniquely yours.

Here are some top quotes that celebrate your uniqueness…

“Be yourself. If everyone is the same, what’s the use? Being unique is great. One in a million is better than a million the same.” Unknown

“We are all born originals. Why is it so many of us die copies?” Edward Young

“Have you ever realised that when people say you’ve changed it’s just because you’ve stopped living your life … their way” Unknown

“Every person is unique. The most important thing is always be true to yourself” Unknown

“Hiding behind a façade to please everyone else can make you forget the most important person that you should always keep happy: yourself.” Unknown

“No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning.” Barbara De Angelis

Enjoy your uniqueness. You were never meant to be like someone else, you were born to be different. And without your uniqueness, the world would not be the same. Your presence is part of the bigger picture of life and your contribution matters.

Go confidently every day acknowledging the fact that there is only one you and celebrate that thought… own it!

There is Only One YOU Top Tip!

Stop comparing and competing for space! You are everything that is unique and only you have your gift, even if you haven’t discovered it yet. So when you see beauty, appreciate it, when you see similarities also acknowledge the differences and once you acknowledge there’s only one you, you will stop feeling threatened by others.

Live Blissfully!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kayli says:

    WOW! This is absolutely amazing! We are all unique and need to stop worring about pleasing others. When we begin living our lives as we truely are, we can experience true happiness in all things.

  2. YvonneB says:

    Glad it had an impact Kayli. Once we can realise there is only suppose to be one of us, we can stop spending so much time trying to be like others.

    Role models are there to help us shape ourselves but we are not destined to become mini me’s! We are destined to become ‘who we are’ fully…

    Love life, live blissfully,

    1. Kayli says:

      I read this today for a second time, and it still has spoken wonders to me!
      This reminds me of Cymphonique’s song: Only You Can Be You – “Only you can be you. And only I can be me. You always wanna be what you’re not. Can’t you be happy with what you’ve got? You’re perfect the way you are, with your insecurities, doubts and scars. Life’s too short to worry. Don’t you know it’s true? Only you can be you. And only I can be me. Only you can be you. And only I can be me. . .”
      We need to throw off our “masks” and be just be “real.”
      We, as human beings, need to grow together while embracing diversity! =)

      My new favorite quote is:
      “Hiding behind a façade to please everyone else can make you forget the most important person that you should always keep happy: yourself” – Unknown

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