Create Your Life


Close your eyes

Welcome the dark canvas before you

Then begin, slowly, to picture your biggest dreams

Don’t let them scare you, just enjoy the moment

Freeze frame on your favourite images

And breathe life into them with deep breaths

Giving them energy and life potential

Smile, allow the joy to fill you up

Say ‘Yes I Can‘ out loud

Slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings

Then rise up in action, ready to bring the dream to life…

I often take time out to be still, to pull out my canvas and remember what I have painted on it, sometimes to even remove images and replace them with new ones that better reflect my dreams and goals. I accept my responsibility to create, to work with the universal laws. I accept that in doing so I can better identify my passions, my skills & abilities and find ways to utilise them in a serving capacity.

When was the last time you took time out to review your canvas? Have you created one yet? If not, how do you know where your life is going and who’s map are you using?

Simply, some food for thought…

Live Blissfully


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