The Gift of Giving


With so many people in the world in need of moral support, I want to ask you a favour… to make a difference to someone’s life. Whether it’s someone you know really well or someone you meet today, reach out and find a way to help them. Why? Because there is no greater gift than the gift of giving

How can you help? The list is endless but here are a few suggestions:

  • Send someone a card to say ‘hi’ just because it’s been a while and add a sincere message about thinking of them
  • Give someone a call and have a meaningful catch-up
  • Find a local community group that could do with some help and where you can take your skills to make a difference; baking, decorating, talking with elderly residents, youth centres, soup kitchen
  • Offer to help out at your children’s school (if applicable of course!)
  • Fundraising effort – choose a cause that is close to your heart, something that will make you feel thankful that you can help in some way.
  • Say hello to someone you don’t know and seal it with a big smile. You don’t need a response, you just need to give and let your confidence shine…
  • Tell your loved ones how much you love them and tell them at least one reason why

Giving has never been easier!

Live Blissfully!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Norma says:

    It’s always nice to write someone an old fashioned handwritten letter to touch base or tell someone how much you care about them. The personal touch will go a long way and I guarantee it will be a big surprise!

  2. YvonneB says:

    Well said Norma!

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