Inspired To Give Back

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I am inspired this week to write about the unsung hero’s and heroine’s in our communities.

Everywhere there are people who are constantly giving; giving their time, their knowledge, their expertise and support, asking for nothing in return.

It’s so easy to want to make a difference, to want to contribute and help others but wanting and doing are not one and the same. So what can you do?

Take a look at what you do well or simply enjoy be it crafts, dancing, reading, cooking, carpentry, painting or listening. All of these skills/talents could make a difference to the quality of someone else’s life. Someone somewhere and probably nearby would welcome your help but won’t ask for it.

Giving back also affects your confidence positively as it makes you realise just how much you have to offer and when you see it impacting someone else it inspires you to ask ‘what else could I do?’ And that’s called growth!

Here is a list of some simple things you could do to help someone in your community:

  • Go shopping for an elderly neighbour who struggles physically
  • De-clutter your home and give your unwanted furniture and bric-a-brac to a local charity
  • See if there is a soup kitchen for the homeless in your area and offer to help one day per week or per month
  • If you know of someone in your area living alone, check on them and make sure they are okay. Do they need someone to talk to?
  • Start up a local social group for nights out. Build the community you wish to be a part of
  • Love gardening? Maybe someone has a garden they are struggling to keep on top of. Lend your skills and build a friendship
  • Check out your local charity shops and find out how you can help. They might need some assistance in the store or collecting items for the store from homes
  • Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog (especially if they are restricted in any way)
  • Take notice of people around you. Too many people walk around in pain without anyone seeing it, especially if it is emotional or spiritual. You could be the difference that helps them realise life is worth living
  • Good with crafts? Create some goodies for charity
  • Enjoy singing? Find a nursing home that welcomes entertainment and share your gift with the residents; giving them reasons to be cheerful!

These are just a few idea’s, I’m sure you can think of other ways and welcome you posting them here.

Let’s not forget we can be inspired as well as inspire to give back… It’s one of the things anyone can do!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Live Blissfully


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