Where Are You Spending Your Time?

I’ve been busy working on developing a programme, getting very focused and totally enjoying dark-1283298the process. But something struck me when I looked at my ‘to do’ list; where were all the other things that were important to me? Where was my family down time, socialising time? What was I doing for me, not my business?

Life is busy and it is so easy to get drawn into one thing. Whilst being focused on set tasks is important, it is equally important to identify what other things you need to be doing in other areas of your life. I don’t refer to it as work/life balance, just balancing your life!

So up to the sky you go to take an overhead view of your life. The Wheel of Life is a great tool to use to evaluate the balance or lack of balance you are currently achieving. It is a visual representation that identifies:

  • The areas of your life where you are satisfied and giving the amount of time you wish to
  • The areas of your life where you are not satisfied with the time you give to them and need to consider giving more time to
  • The areas of your life where you may not be giving time to, however, you do not feel the need to prioritise them

To get the most from the exercise consider the following:

  • Select 6-8 areas of your life that are important to you (social, family, husband/wife, children, spiritual, well-being, career/business, friends, education, community work, etc)
  • Allocate a place on the wheel for each of the selected areas
  • On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is completely unsatisfied and 10 is completely satisfied, score each area in terms of how much time you currently give to it
  • Then join up the dots or lines of each area to create, what is likely to be, a rather odd shape. As you look at the joined up lines/dots, do you see balance or in-balance? Are you achieving the level of balance you truly desire in each area? If not, what areas need to be addressed and what would be your ideal score in each area
  • Also consider areas where you might be giving large portions of time and maybe wish to reduce them – these may be draining you and leaving you unsatisfied with life
  • The follow on is to identify what you would need to do to fill/reduce the gaps from the time you currently give to the time you’d like to
  • Set some RUMBA goals to rectify the imbalances

The Wheel of Life DiagramWheel of Life Diagram

Live Blissfully!


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