Who Are You?

Quite a lot of the work I do is focused on understanding who you are and creating your life smartphone-1618909_1920from that understanding.  When you are able to identify who you are at your core it is so much easier to make decisions. When something doesn’t fit you immediately know, you feel the discomfort and ‘if it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it’!

The truth is uncovering the real you takes desire and some dedicated time. I see it as removing the layers that we have become to be who we truly are.  Incidents, people, books and everything we have learnt has either brought us closer to or further away from what lies beneath. The job is to find the values and beliefs that are yours, not someone else’s.

So, who are you, who am I?

No label you pick will define who I am, for I am much more than a label…

I am a daughter, sister, mother

I am Jamaican, British, black

I am youthful, fun, enthusiastic

I am confident, self motivated, that’s a fact,

Always more than a label…


I am energetic, fit, healthy

I am focused, driven, achiever

I am passionate, determined, Miss ‘Can Do’

I am bold, inspired, a believer,

Much more than a label


I am family, friend, partner

I am kindness, understanding, love

I am caring, firm and fairness

I am forgiven, spiritually blessed from above

So much more than a label

I am a
ealist yet a positive thinker

I am opinionated yet remain un-blinkered

I am a server who is constantly receiving

I am ME… much more than a label

Who are you?

Live Blissfully!


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