Do You Understand Your Emotions?

I had the pleasure of reading a soon to be released white paper on the Emotions_Stressedimportance of understanding emotions written by Jeanine Broderick of the Happiness 1st Institute.

Not only did it reinforce what I already knew about the emotional scale and how we ‘label’ each other based on appearance & behaviour it also provided insight into the relationship between emotions and expectations, regrets & self criticism.

Emotions are too often written off as some ‘fluffy’ stuff that gets in the way when in fact they are a way for you to understand and acknowledge what is going on in your thoughts. For example when you ‘feel’ angry what are you thinking about? The thought is usually the trigger to the feeling and whilst your anger may, in your opinion, be well placed, if persistent it can go on to have detrimental effects on how you handle situations, make decisions and even your wellbeing. These, in turn, impact how others ‘label’ you, rightly or wrongly.

The site is well worth a visit – Happiness 1st Institute – with plenty of resources to help you increase your understanding of emotions and, as the name implies, how to bring more ‘happy’ into your life!

Live Blissfully!


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