It’s Not All About The Money!

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Picture this: You have absolutely no money for one week, there is enough food to keep you going and you have a roof over your head. There are no televisions and the radio is on the blink. What would you do?

Some would sink into despair at their woeful situation, some would probably just sit, sulk and eat. Whilst others would get creative!

Yes, in this amazing world we live in there are ways to enjoy life even without big bucks in your pocket and sometimes we need to stop and realise just how much we have…

So what could you do?

  • Get outside! Whether there is a park nearby, a scenic route, if you’re near the sea or a beautiful city you can start by getting out there and taking in your world. For the first time, you can start to notice people, see buildings you probably marched by day after day without acknowledging and window shopping. If you happen to have a good location pack a picnic and find a spot where you can sit and watch the world.
  • Get an old book out, one you’ve read before that you loved and that lifted you, one that challenges you or one you never quite got round to reading. Kick back and refresh your mind.
  • Spend some quality time with your family/friends. Have a conversation! Allow the art of talking to be rediscovered in your household. See what’s going on in your kid’s lives, your partners, your friends and really engage with them.
  • Clear out the old! The loft, the garage, the basement, the wardrobes and every room… black bags in hand attack the past it stuff with gusto! Whether it’s things you can give to a charity shop, for selling at a car boot sale or for dumping, removing clutter helps your home to breathe better and makes space for a new chapter.
  • Get an exercise plan in place; running, walking, cycling – anything for free! Even a circuit workout in the park can help you clear your head and treat your body.
  • Go camping… Pack that food, drive to a desired location (or find one in walking distance if you are car free like me!) and spend a few days in nature. It is truly a liberating experience and it really does make you realise how little you really need to live a blissful life.
  • Pamper day – get your nail kits out, face pack and anything else you like to treat yourself to. Run a bath, light some candles and indulge in some you time. Post bath, moisturise your skin, wrap yourself in a big towel or robe and get pampering.
  • Get intimate. If you want to enjoy some of that time with your partner now is as good a time as ever to get up close and personal. And why not! Every relationship needs moments of oneness, an outpouring of love and some fun!
  • And if you are very business focused you might even find some ‘free marketing’ tools to create a way to generate a new stream of income! All things are possible.
  • Remember there is someone without a roof over their head or food in the fridge. Maybe you could give some time to helping those less fortunate than you…

I’m sure you can think of many more money free or money-saving pastimes; those little things that make life blissful anytime. Hold on to this list because there may be days when you feel that ‘you can’t’ do anything because funds are short, but in reality, there is much to be done if you just open yourself to the possibilities!

Live Blissfully!


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