Appreciation is a beautiful thing…

I love it! The great outdoors, whether rain or sun, snow or storm, it makes me Woman in Naturefeel fortunate to be here. The wonder of nature makes me realize how beautiful and how fragile life can be. I am full of appreciation for what nature delivers.

Whether it’s a long walk or a jog through the park there are endless signs of natural beauty; the shades of green grass, the variety of trees and the flowers that bloom. I am thankful to be amongst it, to have it all at my fingertips…

This week I am posting a few of my own quotes on nature because I find it revitalizing but further more it is necessary for our existence and it is a gift.

“Celebrate the wonders of nature, enjoy her freeness. She is most happiest when you lie in her arms and she can caress you with her warmth & tender love…”

“The next time the night sky is full of stars go and sit outside, watch in amazement. Each one of them is spectacular, original and beautiful against the dark sky. Start to understand how nature engages with us, how she strives to please us…”

“Never before have the birds singing sounded so sweet nor the landscape look more beautiful. But there never before have you been all that you could be and all that you are… This is the beauty of living”

“Today I woke and the sun was shining, it’s warmth reached in through the window and kissed my face. I smiled, reflecting back the glory of its radiant beam…”

There is beauty and love all around us, everyday.

Don’t let the opportunities to enjoy it and be part of it slip away. Make time to enjoy nature and appreciate it…

What do you appreciate in your life?

Live Blissfully!


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