10 Simple Tips for Building Your Confidence

  • Try something new – this is not about measuring how good you are  Confident Womanat something, it’s about giving yourself the opportunity to develop new skills and face your fears. Taking risks, no matter how small, lead to greater confidence
  • Set a goal for the area of your life you wish to be more confident in – if you fear public speaking volunteer to do a speech for a local community group or a presentation at work. Give yourself time to prepare and choose a topic you enjoy; focus on having fun with it. Once you’ve delivered it acknowledge that ‘you can’ do it and then review the negative thoughts and feelings you originally had. Why did you doubt your ability? What made you believe you would freeze up, forget the words? On reflection were any of those thoughts true and if so to what degree?
  • Start expressing yourself – you have your own thoughts and opinions. Be confident in stating what you think and why. You are not asking for others to agree, you are just providing them with another way of seeing things.
  • Know when no means no – When you are unable to meet someones demands be bold and assertive enough to say no. Not every situation requires you to explain why you’re saying no so don’t try to fluff it up. And if it does warrant an explanation keep it short and to the point.
  • There are areas of your life where you probably do feel confident – examine those areas. What is it that makes you feel confident in those situations, with those people? How can you transfer those skills and feelings over into the areas where you feel less confident?
  • Stop making excuses – when you hear yourself making an excuse for not doing things question it. Is it valid? Could I really do it if I asked for help, set aside some time, etc? Break the habit of talking yourself out of things.
  • Listen to how you speak to yourself – when things go wrong or when you do something incorrectly do you automatically call yourself names like stupid, idiot? Do you constantly tell yourself you can’t do something? When you do this constantly before long you believe it, they become words and statements that you relate to yourself. Find more positive statements or at least acknowledge that the poor ones are not true.
  • Take a confidence course – and learn techniques that will help develop your confidence.
  • Take control and responsibility – I can, I do, I believe, I am… and tag on all the positive phrases that truly reflect your greatness!
  • Confident Woman_2 Practice! Confidence is a skill and like any other skill it develops over time and experience. Be aware of opportunities where you can practice building your confidence and review the outcome of each interaction.

Live Blissfully!


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