What’s Your Intention for 2013?

Intention‘An aim that guides action; an objective’road-368718_1280

It’s 2013 and we are already 9 days in; time does not stand still for any of us.

With this thought in mind, I would love to know what you have achieved already and what your intentions are for the rest of the year – another 356 days to go (depending on where you are in the world of course!)

So many people start the year with the best intentions to improve their health, improve their wealth or to travel more and that’s great but how many actually follow through with action?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily ‘to do’ of life and before you know it another week or month has passed and you’re no closer to what you intended than you were when you thought about it.

Ask yourself:

What do I really want in my life?

Start picturing what you want, add colour to it, pour your emotions into it. How does it feel when you see yourself living life the way you want it to be?

How important is it to me?

If it’s just a passing fancy or a copycat of something someone else has or is doing, chances are it won’t have enough value for you to pursue it with all your heart. Dig deep and find out what YOU truly want and when you can rate it  ‘highly important’ in fact so important that you can’t imagine life being complete without it, then you are on track!

What am I willing to do to achieve it?

Nothing changes without action. What do you need to do to bring your intention to life. What can you do today that will be one small step forward? What planning do you need to do to see it come to fruition?

When am I going to start taking the action steps to achieve it?

There iGoalss no time like the present, in fact it is the only time we are guaranteed!

As someone who thrives on goal setting I want to encourage you to create the life you desire, to fulfil your dreams and realize your potential; it is amazing what you can do when you put your intentions into action.

I wish you all the very best for 2013,

Live Blissfully!


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