Get Out and Get Talking!

Talking2013 has already proved to be a wonderful year for me. Not only from a business perspective but also the people I have been meeting. And it reinforced my belief that if you want opportunities you have to get out and get talking!

Social media for all its greatness (and I do love it) is just one form of communication and I believe it is really important that we don’t lose sight of the benefits meeting people face to face has. The interaction you get when you go out and talk with people is, from my point of view, far more engaging than online conversations and being able to watch body language is key to understanding what the other person might really be thinking and feeling.

I was having a similar conversation with a business associate recently and during our discussion, we got onto the art of communication, whether it be face to face, in writing or social media. With both of us having adult children we spoke of the future and whether our children’s children would have the ability to converse at a high level in interviews and in the workplace away from the technology they know and love. And furthermore, would they ever enjoy the art of writing as we did (and still do) – with a pen!

I’m all for change, development and growth but I also believe in blending the old with the new so I encourage you to get out and get talking. If you have children encourage them to do the same, not only on a social level but for work opportunities, business building and connecting to our world.

How do you do most of your communicating – online or face to face? Either way…

Live Blissfully!


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  1. I totally agree Yvonne the art of real communication is of paramount importance for building confidence and self belief. Technology has its place but we need to still be capable of talking face to face. Well done for highlighting this

    1. YvonneB says:

      Thanks Julie-Ann! Like me your work demands the ability to talk with people and although there are options to do much of that remotely I know getting in front of people is important to you and beneficial to your clients.

      Of course that’s work but even on a social level being in the company of wonderful people makes communicating much more enjoyable (although that might be my age speaking!)

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