Experiencing The New…

believe_You_can_1There is nothing quite as exciting as experiencing the new!  I have come to know that my personal growth depends on my willingness to get outside my comfort zone and experience new things; build new skills, find new ways of doing things and even developing new relationships.

So last week, along with my friend and business associate Lisa, we began our journey into being radio show hosts! I can remember quite clearly having the ‘chat’ with Lisa last year and us casually marking out our plan to launch in 2013. The biggest challenge was always going to be getting really interesting people on the show to interview. Need we have worried at all? NO! We have and continue to line up some amazing personalities who are stars and rising stars in their field.

Week 1 – The beautiful and talented Caroline Redman Lusher of Rock Choir. An inspiration to women across the UK (and probably further afield!) she has changed the face of choirs forever, not just in their popularity but size (17,000 strong when all put together) and challenges (made the Guinness Book of Records twice). Great fun, great energy, Caroline provided us with an insight into how singing can boost your confidence; something I mentioned in a previous post focused on the benefits of music.

Week 2 – this Thursday, 7th Feb 2013 – we have the dynamic international motivational speaker, best-selling author and Oprah guest, David Thomas. We’ll be covering the topic of letting go of the past, something David knows plenty about; if you know anything about his past you’ll understand why. We are so excited to have him joining us…

It’s a great new string to add to the bow and I’m loving it! So, what new experiences are you lining up for yourself this year? What will your growth and development look like? I’d love to know…

Live Blissfully


(Catch our show dates, topics and times at Blog Talk Radio)

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