Living In The Now…

Why do so many of us spend our today’s living in yesterday? It’s a question I Living In The Nowask frequently.

What is the meaning of living in the now?

Living in the now means focusing on this moment, this point in time. When you are living in the moment you are not thinking about the past or creating the future. ‘In the now’ neither the past nor the future exists.

What is the purpose of living in the now?

By living in the now you begin to do more of the things you want to do, the things that make you smile, the things that give you satisfaction. My highest ‘living in the now’ moments come when I am writing, reading, running or creating.  They also include spending time with my family, friends and loved ones, taking some time out to have a conversation with my son, listening to music, reading a good book.

So when I am experiencing any of these activities I am in a place of joyfulness because they are the things that make be happy and grateful to be alive, to be on the planet.

That said you can be in the now when you’re doing your housework!

How do you begin to live in the now?

You have to make a commitment to wanting to live in the now, to build the desire to focus your mind on the moment. Ask, ‘in this moment what would I most enjoy doing, what would make me feel alive?’ Or ‘As I carry out this task/chore what can I take from it?’ (Ex. When you’re washing the dishes you begin to enjoy the sensation of the warm water running over your skin).

Here are some ‘in the now’ actions and thoughts:

  • Love your life, love your partner, not just in a statement but in your approach; hold hands, share yourself and give of yourself.
  • Love your family, your friends and find ways to express that love be it a card, a hug or a phone call. And acknowledge how good each interaction makes you feel.
  • Get out into nature and enjoy her, she is free and beautiful. Walk in the sun, walk in the rain and feel blessed that you can experience her abundance at any moment in the day.
  • Be around people that lift your spirit, that make you laugh out loud and who encourage you.
  • Spend time doing the things that you love; if you enjoy singing, sing! Enjoy dancing? Play your favourite dance track!
  • Be a kid again! There is a child inside each and every one of us itching to get out and make the most of the now.
  • Focus on what you are doing; what do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste in that moment?

Living In The Now2As I write this (not from the bath tub!) I smile, loving that I can feel each word, knowing that I am in the moment and enjoying it…

What will you do now?

Live Blissfully


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