Do You Choose to Make Changes?

Dont Be Afraid of ChangeHaving just finished running all of the workshops for my 3 month pilot programme I have been busy writing reports, collating feedback and looking at the actions individuals have already taken and have committed to take moving forward; self-imposed changes.

Change is one of those things we usually find thrust upon us and the more gusto it arrives with the more we tend to fight it! It arrives in our work environments, certainly in our businesses and even in our everyday social life. So it is hardly surprising that many of us slap on the boxing gloves every time the word change comes up.

But what about the changes you do want? The career move, the business start-up, the increased confidence, the opportunity to travel… Do you choose to make changes in the areas of your life that allow you to achieve your desires or are you guilty of sitting back and just wishing & hoping instead?

When you choose to make changes it is an empowering moment. It is in that moment that you become the decision maker of your life, responsible for what happens to you and around you. And it’s okay if the decision doesn’t reap the desired result; it is a lesson learned, an opportunity to grow and create more options to get where you want to get to or get what you want.

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”… Sometimes change is necessary!

Live Blissfully


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