Getting Confident For Self Employment…

I had an interesting conversation this week about women in business and oneWoman_Business of the points raised was whether I thought getting confident before going into self-employment was necessary or if it was more important to get on with a business plan and worry about confidence building later.

I believe that confidence is a great platform from which to launch your business and although I know women who have started businesses with little confidence, they literally had to push themselves through the whole process. Yes, they developed their confidence by doing so but they were also highly stressed, affecting their ability to make clear decisions.

I was fearful and uncertain when I went into business and a confidence boost from any source would have definitely helped my transition. It’s a big leap when you have been employed all your working life and especially after redundancy not least because you have to develop a different way of thinking; you’re now the boss! I finally got my boost a few months into my first business when I actively went looking for the help I needed.

I now encourage anyone starting a business to embark on personal development as part of their business journey; it can make a huge difference. And there is a great deal of satisfaction and joy shifting from the ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ mindset.

When you feel confident you trust your abilities, your decision-making and develop a real sense of responsibility. That gives you greater control over your life and how you manage the outcomes.

Check out our survey HERE – we’d love your input on the value of confidently transitioning from employment to self employment…

Live Blissfully!


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