May Draws To A Close

As May draws to a close I am busy reflecting on 2013 five months in. Apart Reflectionfrom the obvious comment – where the hell has the time gone – it is also an opportunity to think about the goals I set for myself and where I am in relation to them.

I have certainly ticked off a number of goals and busy working my way through others but some of the key things I have realised are:

  • If you have big goals, get help
  • If you don’t have the answer to a pressing question, ask someone in the know
  • If you feel overwhelmed by what you are doing, stop, take stock and remind yourself how far you have already come (this is so important to do to balance out your focus; it reminds you where you started and the progress you have already made as you look towards the finish line that may at times seem far away)
  • Every step takes you closer, no matter how small
  • The company you keep will affect the outcomes you have so spend time in the company of people who raise you up and support your dreams
  • Be thankful for each new day regardless of the challenges it may bring – at least you have the day. Others have theirs taken away
  • Press on with steely determination, enthusiasm and a ‘can do’ attitude – what the mind can conceive you can achieve

There are probably many more realisations to come and I welcome them all; they are part of my growth and development, enabling me to help others.

I hope May has been good to you and that your 2013 is on track and if it’s not… make it so because you have the power to.

“Friends are the mirror reflecting the truth of who we are” – unknown

Live Blissfully


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