Your Past Is Not Your Future

This post is to connect with anyone who feels they don’t deserve greatness based on their sad-2182545_1920past. And the first statement I want to share is simply ‘your past is not your future‘.

From the moment we are born life becomes a lesson. We learn how to communicate, how to be mobile, how to speak, behave and think. What we end up with is a mind map based on the influence experienced from people and by events. For some of us, the events and people are not conducive to positive memories. On the other hand, there are those of us who may have been in the very best company yet still made poor choices in our actions and decisions.

Whatever your life experiences have been, if you have learned from them then they have value. I believe it is important to take responsibility for YOUR actions and reactions, acknowledge the right & wrong of them, where necessary and appropriate apologise for any wrong doing and from a place of greater knowledge, move on with a commitment to operate your life on a higher level. Far too often mistakes are made and they become a whipping tool for the future; not just by others but often self-inflicted. And again I reiterate ‘your past is not your future’.

In order to move forward into the space that is rightfully yours, you need to let go of the baggage that is holding you back. There is no route back to undo any wrongdoings but there is a path forward that allows you to make better choices and a difference.

Beating yourself up doesn’t alter the landscape, what it does, and does well, is rot you from the inside out until you truly believe you are not worthy of greatness.

So what might be holding you back in the past? And what, if anything can you do about it now in order to move forward? How will it feel to have that weight lifted from you and what might be possible for you if you no longer have to carry that burden?

I recently read an interview and the person being interviewed stated that if you get all of your skeletons out of your cupboard no one can have a hold over you; you are free. That resonated with me because one of the biggest issues I have come across, personally and in working with others, is our concern for what other people will say or think. Reality check; those who feel it is their place to pass judgement are going to do it anyway.

Consider this quote instead; “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

Step out of the shadows, forgive yourself so that others may do the same and then claim the spotlight that has your name on it. Your past is not your future and the future is bright!

Live Blissfully


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