The Mood of Sunshine

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So here we are in the UK finally experiencing the warmth that is the sun…
wonderful stuff! And with it comes the mood of sunshine.

I’m sure it’s not just me, have you noticed how much happier and friendlier people are when the sun pours it rays over us? Bigger smiles, more conversation, the more relaxed way of walking as if the pressures of the wet and windy days have been lifted? It’s a beautiful thing to see.

I have certainly been enjoying the elevated energy around me, happily exchanging pleasantries (I usually do it anyway but when the sun’s not shining I get those looks that say ‘she’s a crazy one!’) and allowing the mood of sunshine to do what it seems to do best – certainly here in the UK anyway… Make the surroundings a happier place.

Yet we have the choice to be happy every day, come sun or rain. Surely if we really wanted to depend on the weather for our joy we’d move to warmer climes. No, there is more to the joy of living, to being happy than the beauty of the sun, it just adds the finishing touches!

But, always wanting to show appreciation for what is, here is a poem celebrating the sun:

You beautiful sun
That frees the trees
From winter embrace
Enabling flowers to show their face.
You revive lonely spires
And light exquisite fires
Of sunsets high.
That dress of blue
That you shine through
We can call the sky.
And as she stands solo
In meadow still
You light her smile
Beyond a thrill.
You answer faintest whippoorwill
By bleeding your goodbye
While sinking in the west
To die.
Until the elixir of morning dew
awakens you.
As you watch over ripened trees
That filter unknown colours
On days like these.
And sing sweet duet
With summer breeze.
And then those yachts
At a rate of knots
That fly their bleached sails
Along your glistening trails
Of aqua dreams.
And salute the beauty
Of your solar beams.
You beautiful sun
That shines new hope
For everyone.
Heating this corpse
That died of love.
Warming my soul
I look above
And like a child
See the world is new.
And the roof is blue
On our arena.
When you smile
Our souls are cleaner.
You heal me
With summer fun.
You beautiful sun.

Enjoy it while we have it but remember the real mood of sunshine comes from within… keep shining!
Live Blissfully

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