Amazing Women Doing Amazing Things

Today was an awesome day; I laughed a lot (what’s new?!), had genuinely engaging woman-613310_1280conversations, shared my business vision with someone who immediately got it (thank you Evi!) and was introduced to a business model that is changing lives (thank you Louise!) I was in the company of amazing women doing amazing things.

I want to focus on Louise for this post. Louise runs a direct marketing business that is probably beneficial to just about anyone on the planet who has the luxury of having a roof over their head (although for this one they need to be based in the UK). I had heard of the company before but never before had I seen it talked about with the level of passion I saw today. And that really struck me. You see, we sometimes miss an opportunity because the person sharing it lacks that passion; I don’t mean the passion to sell I mean the passion and enthusiasm for what they have to offer & how it can make a difference (passion moves people).

As it happens Louise and I met for a totally different reason as we are looking to collaborate on a project however she asked my permission to share her business opportunity (she knows I am always looking at great ways to become financially secure for my clients) and I was more than happy to listen.

Not only is it a great service, it is a fantastic financial vehicle to deliver change in your life. It’s simple, it’s low cost, it steers away from any over promises and yet it delivers great results. Seriously, I had to stop myself from saying ‘where do I sign up’!

And I know that Louise takes her business seriously. Not only is she driving one of their hallmark cars, she has secured her place on a ‘rewards’ cruise and is setting goals that will, without a doubt, lead her to her dream life.

Louise, I commend you not only on your choice of business but more importantly your desire, ambition and drive to be successful in it. You are an amazing woman doing amazing things and your success is written in the stars… You can find out more about her business opportunity here

Are you ready and willing to claim your space in the world of self-employment? Are you an amazing woman doing amazing things? If you are, leave a comment and share your business opportunity!

Live Blissfully


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