Andy Murray – I Salute You!

Andy Murray – I salute you! Not only did you fight your way to qualify against Fernando tennis-1381230_1280Verdasco (what a thrilling game!) you stepped up in the finals and took 3 straight sets against Novak Djokovic, a master player in his own right. Congratulations to you for all that you have achieved.

What you demonstrated was the power of focus and determination, of mastering your sport and not allowing any setbacks to hold you back.

I watch all the top athletes across the disciplines at work because, for me, they truly demonstrate what it takes to be a champion. Having a vision, replaying it time and time again in the mind, seeing themselves win; it is this superb mastering of the mind that raises the game of all involved.

And as I look at the rest of 2013 I promise myself to have that laser-like focus on my goals, to keep pressing forward even in the face of resistance as well as I do when everything is going to plan; to never give up.

I’m pretty certain it will be a few days yet before you realise what you have achieved for yourself and how proud your country is of you but when you do, make sure you have a glass of champagne in your hand and your beautiful lady at your side; enjoy! Andy Murray – I salute you!

Live Blissfully


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