What It Takes To Build An Award Winning Franchise!

I recently attended a meeting for women in franchising, both franchisors & ginny_murphyfranchisees. I was captured by the story of one woman who now operates a highly successful & profitable franchise business model. Meet Ginny Murphy…

Here is a brief overview of Ginny’s journey and you can view her story in visuals by clicking here: Ginny Murphy.

  • Franchisor – not! Operating a franchise had never been Ginny’s dream. In fact, in her previous life, she was a nurse, a job she loved and left only when she decided she wanted to start a family.
  • Whilst being a stay at home mum Ginny helped her husband with his business, a paint finishing company, and spotted a gap in the market. Wheels!
  • Ginny did her homework, lots of research into the market and also into the best way to operate the business. After much listening and learning, she realised franchising was the best model to use.
  • Then the hard work followed! Creating the tools, the training materials, the process of marketing the opportunity and building a support team. In franchising creating systems ensures others can follow the steps to success.
  • And so came the birth of the Wheel Specialist… The process thereafter was to ‘assess’ and ‘refine’ continuously, making the model more efficient and effective.
  • One of the keys to success Ginny shared was to take your time to ensure it’s done thoroughly, making sure each franchise was a success. This ensured sustainable and manageable growth.
  • Top Tip 1: Continually grow and develop!
  • Top Tip 2: Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses!
  • Ginny also states the importance of maintaining focus on the things that are important to you. In her case family and her lovely dogs…

Ginny has done a phenomenal job, creating a great success story and she is, without a doubt, a great role model for women in business, proving the franchise business model can work if you work.

Live Blissfully!

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