It’s A New Life…

With all the wonderful celebrations already underway for our latest member Babyof the royal family what I find most enjoyable is acknowledging it’s a new life

A new life has been born and it is also a new life for Will & Kate as they become parents for the first time; there is nothing quite like it in my experience. Whilst having children definitely brings changes, I believe the great changes far outweigh the less favourable ones (like lack of sleep!)

Having a new life to look after, to nurture and love is a beautiful journey of self-discovery (it is in these moments you really get to find out how patient you are… or are not!) and bonding. I know that it is not all a bed of roses by any means and there are plenty of parents who have tough times adjusting to parenthood but for me, it was a positive life changer; understanding responsibility, unconditional love and giving of self unquestioningly. 26 years on my son has two very firm legs of his own to stand on but I look back with fondness and joy.

I wish Will & Kate the very best and sincerely hope they get to enjoy this new life without all the pressure of the press – to just be able to be new parents…

Live Blissfully!


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