Five Reasons To Appreciate Your Life Right Now…

Nowhere is it written that life is meant to be easy, free of challenges, a smooth Imagejourney.

In fact, I’m sure there are plenty of you, like me, who know just how challenging life can be. But regardless of the lows in life, the hardships, here are five reasons to appreciate your life right now (and there are many more)…

  1. You have a life. Every day people leave this world; their time came to an end, their time was taken from them, they took their lives. Realising that you have another day when you so easily could not, is the foundation to loving your life right now.
  2. You have freedom of expression. For most of us, freedom of expression is something we ‘expect’. We forget that in other parts of the world freedom of expression means the end of life. Every time you get to express exactly what you think and feel acknowledge that you can do so without fear of losing your life.
  3. You have choices. This is a tough one. Many of us tell ourselves that ‘we have no choice‘ when we need to make difficult decisions. Truth is we always have a choice; it’s just that the choices aren’t always easy or great. Realising you have choices also means realising you have to make decisions and take responsibility for the ones you make.
  4. You have opportunities. Every day you have opportunities to change your life. Whether you see them or not, they exist. When you awake from the zombie slumber of ‘going through the motions’ of life like everyone else you will also begin to notice other paths that are open to you. They were always there waiting for you.
  5. You have the ultimate resource at your fingertips. The ultimate resource… The worldwide web? A PC? A mobile phone? No. YOU! You are the ultimate resource in your life. You have so much power, if only you realised it. In fact, if you realised how much power you have it would probably scare you! Whatever you want out of life you have the resources at your fingertips or access to them… If only you took the time to see the opportunities, to acknowledge your choices, to express yourself freely and know that just having a life is a gift, your life would be full of appreciation.

Live the life you want by creating it now. And in committing to create the life you want now, you will begin to appreciate your life right now…

Live Blissfully


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