Don’t Be Afraid To Lead…

Setting up your own business is challenging in its own right, setting one up that doesn’t business-woman-2123230_1920follow the herd is another! But if you have business dreams that light you up and you truly want to bring them into reality then don’t be afraid to lead…

I was listening to Tony Robbins today, one of my role models and a great inspiration in the personal development world. The recording covered the top 10 traits of true leaders. I believe these to be Tony’s opinion (not factual) however most are based on his experience of working with some of the world’s greatest leaders across industries and countries.

They really resonated with me and I wanted to share them here but in my own words. They are food for thought as you consider setting up your own business or are looking to inject some fuel into your current one:

  1. Hunger – have a real hunger for what you are pursuing; allow that hunger to keep you going and keep you growing, always looking for ways to develop yourself
  2. Vision – create a vision that inspires you, that is bigger than you, that excites you. If you want others to be excited by your vision you need to be too!
  3. Certainty – Know that the vision can make a difference in your life and the lives of those it will serve
  4. Passion – This is a big one for me. Feel that passion oozing from within when you talk about what you do and when you think about the possibilities
  5. Strategy – yes, have one but don’t give up on it at the first hurdle! Leaders know how to fail – rework it and go again, rework it and go again… Rinse and repeat!
  6. Break Patterns – Whatever you do in business ultimately what you offer helps others to do better, think better, live better, feel better and/or be better.
  7. Higher Standards – ensure that yours are higher than those you are serving so that you are helping them up, helping them to become more. And just as you are helping them up because you have been operating from a higher standard, continue to raise your own standard by being in the company of those who have higher standards than you. This is the constant growing ‘up’ cycle that helps us to be more of who we are capable of being
  8. Courage – it’s intangible, it’s a chosen belief/value. Even when you don’t know something for certain you can apply courage to it, that willingness to put your belief in something without necessarily knowing the outcome. It is the workings of a directed mind
  9. Persistence – press on no matter what yet be flexible. I tie this in with strategy. If one path closes down then find the next one and press forward with all that you have
  10. Authentic & Congruent – be who you say you are, do what you say you do or you will be found out. Tony shared a great story about Mahatma Gandhi that demonstrates just how authentic he felt he had to be before he gave out advice.

There’s a lot to consider but that is the beauty of growth! Be the leader you were born to be…

Live Blissfully!


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