Compassion, in my words, is the desire to help another by understanding or empathising with hospice-1797305_1920.jpgtheir pain, their thoughts or feelings. The emotional motivation to do more for others, to be more of who we are.

We are connected and through that connection, we have the power to help, support, love, give, listen, share and save.

And we can demonstrate compassion in so many different simple ways;

  • Helping someone with a chore they struggle to do (shopping for an elderly neighbour)
  • Helping a mother with her pushchair down some stairs (I remember all too well what a struggle that could be!)
  • Calling someone up for a chat for no other reason than to make sure they are okay
  • Sending a card, a text, a bunch of flowers
  • Helping your local community in a ‘keep it tidy’ campaign
  • Sponsoring the life of a child

What would our world be like if each and everyone of us practiced compassion every single day? I wonder…

But I think it’s time to wonder less, and do more – what will you do?

Live Blissfully!


P.S: A little video just for you!

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  1. Alison Armitage says:

    Compassion for me is doing what I can to help others, and understanding at what point in there lives they are coming from. Compassion for me is listening and understanding.
    Compassion for me is offering help unconditionally. Compassion for me is always looking at a situation form the other persons point of view.

  2. Sally says:

    Compassion is taking the time to understand what another human being is going through and at the same time being respectful.

  3. Samantha says:

    Compassion, I always associated with time off or time out to deal with a delicate part of ones life. I guess that translates to giving those around you time to heal when they need it most, and supporting them in anyway you can by being there, taking over their usual responsibilities and maybe even protecting them for a short while from the outside world. Thank you Yvonne for giving me the time to think on this 🙂

  4. Abi says:

    For me, compassion is about showing thoughtfulness, kindness and consideration to others on a daily basis, caring about the way they might be feeling and what they are going through, and supporting, motivating and understanding them as much as I can. If I can do something practical to help them then I will do as much as possible, whilst retaining a sense of balance between caring for them and maintaining my own wellbeing.

  5. YvonneB says:

    Great to see so many wonderful responses and how interesting to see our interpretations of compassion. I love that the importance of doing as much for others whilst retaining a personal sense of well-being was mentioned. I have certainly met people with huge compassion but to the detriment of their own heath… It is a very good point.

    Thank you all for sharing!

  6. Peter Zurcher says:

    Being in the care industry compassion and empathy are so important as you are responsible for another human … You are there to help each individual and make everyday a special day for them… Love them like they are part of your family, treat them no different as u would an able person… Give them loads of love and hugs, everyone needs a hug …

  7. YvonneB says:

    I love that Peter, loads of love and hugs.. simple things that cost nothing and give so much!

  8. Beverley says:

    For me compassion is being there and showing you care, you understand, you help where you can. That help may only be to provide a listening ear. Compassion is putting someone else’s feelings before your own. Compassion is realising that sometimes there are other people worse off than you, but they can still be OK and reassuring them of that. Compassion is showing love for those that you think or feel don’t need it, where in fact they are the ones that need it most, even when they don’t realise it themselves.

    1. YvonneB says:

      Great post, thank you Beverley… It’s an interesting point about showing love for those that you think or feel don’t need it. What springs to mind are the people I see who are constantly giving of self, never taking their foot off the pedal and purely focused on serving others. They require compassion, to know their work is being noticed and appreciated, even if they don’t expect it. Thank you for sharing…

  9. Rachel Bennett says:

    Compassion for me is the ability to empathize to someone else’s struggles and pain, you may not understand what their situation is but you can put yourself in their place or at least try to. It’s a very good quality in someone but its something that comes naturally and cannot be forced..To live a life without compassion is a very empty life

    1. YvonneB says:

      Beautifully put Rachel, thank you…

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