Yes You Can!

The title of my next book, ‘Yes You Can’ is a book designed to encourage women to girl-1722402_1920confidently make the transition to business start up following redundancy, long-term unemployment or a new life direction.

When I wrote the first draft of the book it was very much a reflection of my own journey, the things I had to face and deal with, the questions I had to ask myself and get answers to in order to build my confidence and self-belief. With that in mind as I continued to work on it, I knew I had to make the book interactive, offering a balance of encouragement, words of wisdom from other women who decided to start their own business, and plenty of exercises for the reader to begin their own journey.

‘Yes You Can’ is all about claiming your space, realising there is so much more in life for you than you currently believe there is; there is much more that you can achieve. Research says we, as human beings, are functioning on a mere 5% of our potential. If that is the case what difference could you make in your life if you edged it up to 6%, 10%, 15%? Limitless possibilities exist when your confidence and self-belief allow you to see beyond your current circumstances.

So here I am busy finishing up the book and seeking out an aligned publisher. ‘Yes You Can’ will be my first personal development/business book covering the 7 steps used in the Launching Women Into Business programme. With some great classic quotes, my little ‘muse’ to guide you along and a bit of humour it will make for easy reading with a strong message; YES YOU CAN…

I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Until then,

Live Blissfully!


P.S – It’s now 2017 and I am working with an awesome team of women to get the programme up and running. Talk about a long journey! But we are committed to helping more women into business, creating the freedom they crave and the life they desire. I’ll keep you posted x

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