3 Ways To Tap Into Curiosity And Get The Breakthroughs You’ve Been Chasing

This week I’d like to welcome the lovely Wilma Allan as our guest blogger, busy helping women build positive relationships with money and much more!

Making great progress in anything is about getting results, and getting results fast – and that means creating the conditions to have phenomenal breakthroughs.

Often, if I ask someone how things are going, they’ll reply ‘Oh I’ve got such and such going on, but I’m working on it.’   That sounds like such a lot of hard work – working on it.  It feels heavy, long, drawn-out and with no clear result in mind at the end.  It’s an on-going problem – and truthfully – an energetic leech sucking you dry.

What you want to be aiming for is breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs can be big or small but they are always significant.  The key to a breakthrough is awareness.

Getting a great breakthrough consists of different elements:

  • Knowing that there is a problem in the first place.  If you haven’t got that level of awareness, then you don’t know what you don’t know!
  • How is it a problem specifically?  Where is it really tripping you up?  Tip – once you’ve identified one area, you’ll soon discover that it maps across into other areas of your life too – it’s rare that it doesn’t
  • How is it having an impact on your life?
  • You’ve got to get really good at asking yourself those curious questions – they take you deeper into where all this is coming from in the first place

And finally…………

  • Can you deal with this on your own or do you need the support and help of someone who knows what they’re doing to dig down really deep to find the root of the problem?

Sadly, the thing I notice much of the time is that the majority of people are not aware.  They may know that they have a problem with, for instance, not saving enough money, and living on ‘just enough’ or barely that.  For most people, that’s as far as it goes.  Sure, it’s frustrating and truly tough, but the attitude seems to be, “Hey ho, that’s life isn’t it?”  There’s no curiosity beyond that knowledge.  It’s inconceivable that they are in charge and have a choice!  That’s such madness, because we all have choice, even when we’re making them unconsciously.  That’s why curiosity and awareness are so vital.

All too often there’s no thinking and searching for what they can do about it.  “What’s causing this, how can I change it?”

Here are 3 tips to begin exercising your curiosity and awareness muscles:

  • Start to believe that you can change the circumstances – even if you need to bring in expert help.  Whilst it’s easy to believe that something else is the cause of the problem – we are all responsible for our own results and what shows up
  • Be prepared to be different – Most other people may be in the same boat and that does help to keep you comfortable, because it’s not just you, you’re not alone.  Make the decision that you’re not going to stay like this forever
  • Get outside that familiar, comfortable zone – be courageous and make that stretch.  There is something scary about stepping outside that zone that you have been familiar with for so long now, I understand that.  However, just remember that everything you want and haven’t got is on the outside of your comfort zone.   To get the breakthroughs you want you’ve got to step outside!

Once you learn how to continually increase your awareness, get really curious about why things happen the way they do, and why your life is the way it is – that’s when you can start to create some breakthroughs for yourself, or reach out to someone to help you with something that feels too big to handle on your own.

If you want to make changes, then you have to be the one to change.

Change is phenomenal – especially when you’re in control of change for the better.  It comes with breakthroughs.  Big breakthroughs are uplifting, exhilarating, full of wonder and clarity, and they always come with a deep sense of peace.  The smaller breakthroughs are those moments of enlightenment when you, a colleague, friend or maybe your coach busts you on something.  It’s that “Aha! – So that’s what that means!”

The more aware you are the more breakthroughs you will have and the more breakthroughs you have the more aware you will become.

Share some of your recent and best breakthroughs below.

Wilma Allan

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