Pay It Forward

I’m not a great fan of TV… I find it too depressing, too repetitive and rarely Act of Kindnessrefreshing. But one of the things that always jumps out at me are the charity adverts (yes, it’s true, adverts are more engaging than most of the programmes!)

The images, whilst often bleak and heart wrenching, do two things;

  1. Wake me up to the realisation of just how fortunate I am (and that stops me from moaning about ‘what I haven’t got’, ‘what I can’t do’, etc)
  2. Gives me reason to consider what I can and will do to pay it forward (it’s not about me, it’s about my world)

I have long since realised that one of the key reasons for ‘being’ is to serve others although it has not always been clear how to do that. But these charities provide an opportunity to feel a connection strong enough to make you want to take action.

My chosen charity, Business against Poverty, is part of People against Poverty. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them through a friend and I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind it; real people, doing real work at grassroots level.

Their mission statement:

People against Poverty works internationally with projects that we can personally engage with to help change lives by releasing communities from poverty…

Their aims:

  • Feed the hungry, provide shelter, clothe and educate the poor, take care of the sick and bring communities together to help break the cycle of poverty.
  • To form communities in the UK to engage with People against Poverty.
  • To be a gateway directly enabling our communities here in the UK, to engage with our International communities bringing them both life changing experiences

What they have been able to achieve this year alone:

  • open the community centre in Romania Dobrovat House
  • Employ 2 people on the ground and supported employment for 16 more
  • provide a chicken coop in Haiti
  • launch Starlight Centre in Nepal
  • share out 3400 food parcels
  • we’ve cooked 12,118 meals for children and families
  • support 214 children in their basic needs
  • provide 2 private clinical treatments
  • supply 125 medicine treatments
  • undertake 200 dis-infestation of family homes
  • treat 30 cases of scabies
  • enabled 2 elderly people to gain access to care homes
  • provide cholera tablets in Haiti
  • vaccinate 150 children
  • assist 47 in getting back their legal identities
  • transport 15 people to hospital for treatment

Totally awesome!

The People against Poverty team is inspiring in its level of leadership, commitment, compassion and action, paying it forward in spades daily. Supported by people in business committed to making a difference, it is truly a community I am proud to be a part of.

What’s the point of this post? Pay it forward. Find a charity, be it in your community or otherwise, and find ways to support it; with time, money, contributing supplies, using your skills, talents or knowledge. Not only will you help change the lives of others, you will also change yours, experiencing gratitude and the joy of giving in place of lack and helplessness.

We can all do something to make our world a more wonderful place to be… Pay It Forward and see!

Live Blissfully


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