Let It Go, Let Life Flow

Relationships that have gone bad, a work situation that drives you mad every bleeding-heart-flower-1time you think of it; most of us have something we cling on to in order to experience ‘reminding’.

‘If I keep on remembering the way John spoke to me I’ll ensure that no man ever speaks to me like that again’. 

‘If I remember the way my boss shouted at me in the office I can justify why I hate him.’

If… and so on.

What is the benefit of holding on to these bad feelings? Who in your life is going to get any joy from you whilst you are in that state?

There are really tough situations that arise in your lifetime, situations that can seem to last forever but how much power do you want to give to them? When you focus on a situation it is like reliving it, repainting it and bringing it into the present. If it was painful at the time it occurred what is the bonus likely to be of re-running it over in your mind or in a conversation in the now?

How much better would it be to paint it a shade of grey, minimize it and spend so little time thinking about it, it starts to fade? You can remember it but it seems so long ago it’s all a bit hazy round the edges. You can remember it but you don’t indulge in yet another conversation about it allowing the pain to subside, even if slowly.

There will always be people and situations that cause you to hang on to a moment for longer than you need to but you have the power to let it go. And as you begin to understand that power and use it you get to experience the flow of life in a much deeper, enjoyable way.

Remember that now is the moment and if you are still hanging on to yesterday’s news you are losing precious seconds of your life that won’t come back.

I’m not going to say it’s easy, it takes practice and commitment but it is so worth it. And after a while each scenario gets easier to move away from and that’s when you know you’ve got it licked!

Let It Go, Let It Flow

There comes a time when all bad things must come to an end. A time when you can stop feeling guilty, stop feeling bad. Make the decision to let it go and then let it go, let it flow…

Live Blissfully!


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