Teely Webb – Reaching for The Stars!

When I met Teely Webb a few months ago she was in a professional rut and teely-award.jpgdissatisfied with her lack of progress.

Now here we are, 3 months on, and she has been awarded PA Newcomer of the Year 2013 “Executive PA Magazine / Hays Award”! What a leap forward!

And it is with great pleasure that I am interviewing her to catch up on her exciting journey…

How would you describe how you were feeling about your career progression a few months ago?

I had applied for various posts in the last year or two, in order to progress but they had not led to anything.  I was despondent, despite trying to be positive, but I found the process very frustrating.

What, if anything, did you consciously do to change the way things were/you felt?

I actually did a lot, looked outside my comfort zone and pushed myself.  I applied to take further courses so I could continue to develop and have something to offer should the right job come up, read everything I could on furthering my career and took CV advice.  I went for any chance I could take including attending a Hays Recruitment networking event, which actually confirmed I was right to keep trying for my ideal job.

Having been awarded the title ‘Newcomer PA of the Year, 2013’, how do you feel now?

It’s so difficult to say in words, Yvonne, it is so exciting to have won, but if I have to sum it up, there is a mixture of sheer excitement, disbelief and enormous pride.  I am thrilled – it really means so much to me.

What do you think it will mean for your career?

It would be wonderful if it brings opportunities I might not have seen otherwise.  This would also be a chance to accelerate my career and, I hope, progress me quicker up the career ladder.  I still have aspirations and am very ambitious so winning this award could help me achieve my goals.

How will you maximise this win / What are your next steps having won this title?

Someone said to me on the night “take every opportunity” and I hope to do that!  Doors have opened already, starting with interviews, and invitations to some lovely events!  I am just going to enjoy this feeling for the moment and have not thought ahead past the end of the week yet!

I know your boss and family were with you on the night; what were their reactions?

They were elated!  My boss kindly said he thought I would win, and he was very pleased.  All my family were/are amazing, so supportive, already celebrating with me that I had made the top six finalists.  Once the announcement was made, my daughters could not stop telling me how proud they were, which was so wonderful.  There was a lot of excitement, cheering and hugging!

What advice would you give to anyone who wants more from their career but lacks self-belief?

You really are the only one who can advance your career and its hard but you have to work at adding to your talents and knowledge, going for opportunities and never giving up.  Do all those things and you will improve your belief in yourself as it will be backed up with the new skills you need to go forward.

Any last thoughts?

This was not an overnight success, but I was determined and so however long the journey, or hard the challenges are, do not stop going for your dream, you can get there.

Thank you so much Teely… What a fantastic few months, a reward for all the years of hard work that went before.

Wishing you every success – skies the limits!

Live Blissfully


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