I Am Strong, Healthy & Happy!

As someone who has remained relatively active over Strong Healthy Happymy lifetime, it has become apparent that looking after your body is as important as looking after your mind. Being strong, healthy & happy matters…

Starting your own business can be a challenging experience and I believe keeping in shape helps in a number of ways:

Mental clarity – exercising is the ultimate brain dumping time! Whilst you are busy working that body your mind is clearing the cobwebs, getting creative and freshening up for next activities

Focus – it’s been documented that we humans work best in short focused sessions of approximately 75-90 minutes. Physical activity helps you regain a good level of alertness between focused work sessions, whether it’s a 15 – 30-minute walk, jog or dance around the office!

Healthy body, healthy mind – There is a medical connection between having a healthy body and a healthy mind with regards to mental agility and life expectancy.

Have more fun! Exercising doesn’t have to be a laborious ‘have to do’ activity. There are ways to make it fun and happiness bring a whole other aspect to being in business. Imagine, enjoying your work! I could get technical and rave on about the chemicals released during exercise that affect your emotions, making you feel happier but I’ll leave that to the experts! It definitely improves your mood making challenges and decision making more manageable

Work, rest & play philosophy – It’s not all about work! Exercise can help you form better sleep patterns too; rest is as important as work and play.

So as I get ready to up the stakes in my own fitness fundraising challenges, I am going to maximise on all the benefits keeping fit brings!


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