Oranges & Honey with a Dash of Chocolate

Who knew that pampering could be so fruity! Just back from Spaa few days of indulgence at Manor Grove Spa and I have to admit I got more than I bargained for.

Picture your skin being covered in the drizzle of warm oranges, honey and a dash of chocolate… Oh yes, it was a feast for any discerning customer…

You see, looking after yourself is not just about exercise and diet, it is about looking after your skin too; the largest organ we have (but sometimes forget to take care of).

As part of my Yes You Can Challenge I get to experience some the best treatments on the market to give my body the TLC it deserves (because I say so!!) in between training.

This past weekend I experienced:

Monoi Skin Nourisher: an indulgent and decadent facial that delivers on many levels and provides stimulus for all the senses. Fresh oranges, honey, bananas, warm coconut oil and oxygen therapy combine to soothe, soften and rejuvenate. Incorporating a truly sensuous back massage with warm fresh oranges this facial fills the room with the uplifting aroma of zesty fresh fruit – a pampering treat in every sense of the word! (The warm oranges bursting on your skin is a sensation not to be missed)

O2 Chocolate Facial: the fusion of chocolate and oxygen lies at the core of the unparalleled results and success of this treatment with its advanced anti-ageing properties. A potent and highly charged hands-on facial, chocolate is bursting with natural health and goodness; anti-oxidants, vitamins, hormone balancing minerals and lipids work to hydrate, lift, detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. (Stop licking your lips, it is not for eating!)

Total Body Meltdown (the name says it all): a total body treatment to pick you off the urban treadmill and deliver you to a haven of tranquillity and calm. It’s a real treat to encourage rest, reward and to balance overall well-being. A body exfoliation and massage with warm exotic coconut oil and an infusion of oxygen and vitamins to energise nourish and rejuvenate.

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite; one treat melted sublimely into the next and I was drifting on a cloud from start to finish…. sheer bliss.
Top Tip: make sure that your well-being routine has a mixed agenda of exercise, healthy eating and body treat; you know you’re worth it and your body will love you for it!

Manor Grove Spa, a little slice of heaven in Harringworth, Northants – Book your slice! I’ll definitely be getting more oranges & honey with a dash of chocolate!


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