Nutrition – You are what you Eat!

ImageI have never been a fan of dieting. Even in my competitive sport’s days, dieting was a real ‘challenge’ for me.

Nutrition isn’t just about how food affects your outer image. The most important thing about nutrition is that, like oil and petrol for a car, it makes the difference to how your body functions.

If you are prone to feeling tired, find it difficult to concentrate and suffer from bouts of irritability take a good look at your food. Your body require certain fuel to work optimally and when they are not given that fuel they slow down, they gain weight and start to suffer from dis-ease (otherwise known as diseases).

This doesn’t mean that eating has to be made up of salads 7 days per week and that you should never have fast foods but it does mean striking a balance between what your body needs and what your mind tells you it wants out of the habits you have formed.

How many times have you gone and bought a cappuccino on the way to work just because it’s what you’ve been doing for ages? How many times do you get through half a packet of biscuits because you decided to have a cup of tea and you’ve conditioned yourself to relate biscuits with tea?

I’m not a nutritionist so far be it for me to give you the lowdown on what you need to have but there is plenty of great information online. The bottom line is if you treat yourself well you will increase your energy levels, your focus and your drive… imagine what you could achieve with all of that extra power?

So health is very relative to achieving your dreams. That persistent and consistent flow of effort is much easier to tap into when you are in a healthy state and universally if you are taking care of your health you are saying ‘I care about me’ and you should.

Focus less on quick fix diets and instead look for a long-term sustainable healthy living. You know you’re worth it!

Just remember, you are what you eat so eat more of what you want to be!


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