Reach Out & Touch

Reach out & Touchthis has been the most emotionally challenging Reach Outperiod in my life.

I recently lost my father; he was and remains my hero, a loving dad & grandad and a devoted husband. What a heart wrenching, mind numbing time. There have been days when my heart felt as if it was physically breaking, moments of crying so hard my face ached.

I accept that that’s what happens when you lose someone significant in your life…

Fortunately, I have a tight knit community of family & friends and we support each other in a way that exceeds the norm; for this, I am truly grateful.

But here’s the thing that has been floating around in my mind for the past week … what happens to people who don’t have that inner circle? When they lose someone special and have no family to turn to or share their pain with; what happens to them?

Reach out and touch is about realising there are people around us with no inner circle and that we, as caring compassionate human beings, should seek to notice them, speak to them and support them; we are, after all, all connected.

Every day we can make a difference, not only in our lives but in the lives of others. Reach out and touch, shine some light into what might be a dark and bleak time for someone around you…

And Live Blissfully,