Journey With A Buddy!

This is as much a rule as a tip; Journey with a buddy! When you are truly committed to buddy-1058564_1280living your best life and want to live each day as if it were you last, you need support.

There will be days, even weeks when you become overwhelmed and want to run for the hills as oppose to take action towards your dream. You will start to procrastinate, finding ‘other’ things to do that free you from creating.

Find a buddy!

Having someone who is committed to making changes in their own life or who, at the very least, wants to support you on your journey of change, is critical. Why? They can check in on your progress and encourage you to ‘take action’!

Top tips for finding the right buddy:

  • Trust: This has to be top of the list. This is someone who you are going to share your dreams with, your desired life outcomes
  • Supportive: They need to be supportive and not judgemental. Even if you ‘slip up’ the buddy needs to help you get back on track and not be the ‘I told you so’ voice
  • Accountable: Your buddy helps you to be accountable, no blaming someone or something else for what hasn’t been done
  • Fun:  Someone with a sense of fun. Life creation might be challenging but it should also be fun!

Outside of that, your buddy needs to be willing to give you 15-20 minutes of their time each week, or fortnight to talk through where you are. The frequency is up to you and it can be face to face or over the phone. You don’t have to be ‘best friends’ either, it is more important that they have a similar mindset or understand you want to live life differently and want to help you.

Journey With Your Buddy!   

A buddy will be the person who encourages you to hold yourself accountable for all the things you say you are going to do. They won’t judge you but they will challenge you because they too want you to be the best you, you can be.

Live Blissfully,


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