Sam Did It and So Can You

The X-Factor; love it or hate it, there is always a winner and this year it was XFactorthe big voice of Sam Bailey that won the day. Sam did it and so can you…

Now, in all honesty, I was disappointed with the time I invested in watching the show. I certainly didn’t believe all the best talent made it to the final but that’s personal choice and my perception of what makes a great singer (for me it was Sam & Hannah all the way).

But let me focus on Sam; a prison warden with a yearning to sing. Sam felt she had missed her calling even though she loved singing. In her own mind, her time was up… until she entered the X Factor and got shortlisted for the next round, then the next round and ended up in the final 12.

It’s a familiar story; lost dreams, shelved dreams, forgotten dreams… I’ve heard it many times before. But Sam made a decision. She made a decision to stand up in front of the professionals and sing her heart out. She decided to seize her chance and perform to the best of her ability every time she had to perform. She decided it was now or never and went all out.

Look at her now! Over one million votes on finals night, single released and poised for success including a tour with the ever stunning Beyonce; can it get any better?

Of course, it can. She has her husband firmly by her side, her raving fan, along with her ever so proud kids and parents. Right now she is ‘living her dream’.

And the truth is we can all live our dreams. But how many of us are willing to go all out? How many of us are willing to take criticism and instead of buckling from it, use it to be even better, to grow? How many of us are willing to say ‘this is my dream, my destiny, and I’ll do whatever it takes’? Unfortunately not as many of us as we’d like to think.

Dreaming is one part, believing is another… the action is where it becomes real. Each stage is important and all three need to be in place to bring the dream to life.

And so I tip my cap to Sam for stepping up and stepping out. I celebrate her success because I know she pushed herself outside of the known into the unknown in order to get what she had dreamt about for so long. I wish her the very best of everything because she deserves it and she knows it.

What about you? Sam did it and so can you. The question is ‘are you ready to dream, believe and take action’? Share below…

Live Blissfully!


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